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People who have significant complications from a surgery (such as LASIK or cataracts) performed by other doctors often select surgeons listed on our website to manage and treat these complications.

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My Lasik experience started in 1998.  I'd been hearing about Lasik surgery for some time, and after wearing thick glasses for thirty years, I decided to look further into laser vision correction.  In March, 1998, I went for my initial consultation at xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx in Bala Cynwyd (Philadelphia area), Pennsylvania.  They were advertising extensively (for Lasik...with a laser unapproved by the FDA for commercial use).  At over four hours, the pre-op exam seemed very long, but was not complete, due to my prior history of 'retinopathy of prematurity' or ROP (I was born two and one-half months early, and received too much oxygen in the incubator, thereby damaging some retinal nerves).  The doctor (who performed my Lasik surgery) stated she foresaw no problems and thought me to be a good candidate.  Two weeks later, my initial evaluation was complete, and I was reassured I was to be a "good candidate" for this Lasik procedure.  I was NOT told that a change in prescription gave me better than the 20/50 Best Corrected Visual Acuity (BCVA) I ever had, and that instead of the Lasik, the new prescription would have worked just as well if not better than what I was seeing (refracted to 20/40 -2 according to their records).

Because of the ROP, Dr xxxxxx-xxxxxxx sent me to see a retinal specialist in their own group to determine whether this would cause any problems in connection with Lasik.  I was told there would be no contraindications (problems), and again was reassured that it would be okay to have surgery.  I did not ever expect to have 20/20 vision, and was happy with the 20/50 (or maybe a line better, 20/40) prediction the doctor assured me, since the 20/50 was my best correction with glasses.  I was elated at the thought of not having to wear glasses anymore, and with the very promising outcome predicted, and being told several times I was a good candidate, decided to have surgery.

Two weeks later, I had surgery on my left eye, and a week after that, on my right eye.  The day after, looking through the plastic shield was probably the best vision I ever had in each eye without glasses, but during the daytime only, and did not last.  My night vision was filled with halos, starbursts, glare, and ghosting.  My vision was still way off, and fluctuated severely, depending on light levels.  I was told that as my corneas healed, my vision should improve, and the severe night problems would stop, usually in about three to six months.  Later I was told this could take up to one year.  After the first year, the doctor just kept adding on time, finally stating the problems I was experiencing could be permanent.  Almost seven years later, I still have these same problems.

At one day post-op and four days post-op, each cornea looked okay according to the doctor, but I was still experiencing problems.  About two weeks after surgery, I was fitted for soft contacts to determine whether the problems could be eased while my eyes healed.  I went through three different prescriptions in as many months.  The third month, I was fitted for gas-permeable hard contact lenses, because of continued problems.  Consequently, I decided to see another ophthalmologist for another opinion, as I was getting more and more upset with the way I was seeing and what I was being told.

This is my nineteenth visit since my initial consultation five months ago.  These visits have been averaging between two to eight hours, with about 15-20 minutes with the surgeon. Yes, I'm getting more frightened by now, especially after hearing what my second opinion doctor told me, that he could not help me get my vision back to what it was prior to Lasik.  After five more visits, the surgeons at xxxxxx Eye decided that the problems were retinal due to the ROP.

After three more months and three more visits, the doctors were unable to help me.  More gas perms and the same results, So I went to another specialist, this time at Wills Eye Hospital, and they couldn't help me either (and that's number twenty four!).

1999 brought even more distressing results.  Five more retinal evaluations, three more corneal evaluations. 

The following month, I had a low vision evaluation.  My prescription was changed again, but not with better results.  I then ventured to John Hopkins' Wilmer Eye Institute in Baltimore.  After seeing several world renowned specialists, I still could not get any help for my post-Lasik eyes.  After another visit to the laser center where I had surgery, and another visit to a low vision specialist, it was decided that glasses and contacts would not work.  I was fitted for bioptic and mirage lenses.  How fitting it is to have Lasik surgery and not be dependent on glasses (due to the fluctuation of vision and constant focusing of these glasses, they were essentially useless)!  How I looked like a freak with these things on, and boy, how people stare at what they do not understand!

Two more visits and I ended the year 1999.  How pathetic this is...over eighteen months and thirty four visits to doctors and hospitals, and still nobody able to help me.  I was determined to find somebody who could help my post-Lasik eyes and get my vision back to where it was prior to Lasik.  I know that something happened, because I did not have these problems prior to Lasik.

In 2000, things did not get any better.  Same problems, no help for my vision.  Again I ventured back and forth between doctors still seeking to get my vision back prior to Lasik.  Eight more visits to end the year, for a total of forty six visits to different doctors and hospitals.  Nobody was able to help me. 

I am pretty much done with the doctors now, because NOTHING CAN BE DONE.  I've had three visits in 2001, and five in 2002.  Of the visits in 2002, I saw Dr. James Salz in California (who afterwards became one of my experts for my medical malpractice lawsuit), one of the (if not THE) foremost authorities in this field.  Another top Doctor I saw was Dr Terrence O'Brien at John Hopkins.  Bottom line is after reviewing ALL of my records since having had Lasik, I cannot be corrected because some of the damage was due to increased pressure from the suction cups used to lift the corneal flaps.  Dr. Salz stated I SHOULD NOT HAVE EVER BEEN CONSIDERED A CANDIDATE FOR LASIK  and submitted to my attorney many reports.

Dr. Salz' Website


I can only hope and pray that somebody out there will be able to help us, and if you're still not convinced of the risks:


Other horror stories:,,,,, which are listed at also, as well as many others.  There are casualties out there who have not posted sites, as well as many others who were offered out of court settlements, and not brought their cases to light due to confidentiality.

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There seems to be much controversy in the Refractive Surgery Industry between LASIK casualties and doctors, and casualties and patient advocacy.

Studies include Corneal, Retinal, Flap, Microkeratome, Dry Eye, Ectasia, and much more related to LASIK, PRK, & other vision threatening procedures.

Independent news feeds from sources around the world regarding the eye industry. If you would like to add a doctor, company, or organization, please email me.
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FDA Addresses 'Quality of Life' After LASIK

On April 25th, 2008, the FDA help an open public meeting with their Ophthalmic Panel to address 'Quality of Life' issues after Refractive Surgery. Among the presenters were Gerry Dorrian, whose son commited suicide in 2007 as a result of his complications. Joseph Schnell help up charts depicting his distorted vision.

The 'positive side' was shown as well. The military spoke stating this was one of the best procedures available for those in the field. Doctors brought in patients portraying lasik as a miracle.

The panel was made aware that refractive surgery had a complication rate of about 5%. Think about it: If 1 million people had the procedure done, then that means roughly 50,000 (5%) were damaged! Majority rules though, so 50,000 damaged lasik-induced people doesn't mean anything to the FDA. What about 5 million? That would make 250,000 people with complications! When I hear that the FDA is influenced by financial interest, you get no argument, especially since I've seen how they work!!!

As the FDA wants information on quality of life, I say give it to them. Anyone who's had a complication from refractive surgery please send them your story. Let them know what your life is like now. I would like a copy also because I simply don't trust them!

Throughout all of this, maybe the FDA can answer a simple question:

At what point does 'Quality of Life' matter more than the almighty dollar?

Many of you who have contacted me through my website have asked for help because of your complications. PLEASE, this is very important to set the facts somewhat straight by letting them know the EXACT figures. Please file an 'Adverse Event Report' (Medwatch) on the FDA's website. PLEASE NOTE: Based on my experience and that of others, their Contact Form or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. WILL NOT guarantee that the information is properly filed or acknowledged.

View Video Testimonies on LASIK
Current FDA Adverse Event Reporting Listing
Welcome To FlawedLasik
If you surf the web, you'll notice that most Lasik websites are advertisements for having Lasik eye surgery. These sites will list complications but severely downplay the risks associated with LASIK just to sell you the procedure. The same can be said of MANY doctors who perform this procedure when you go in for consultation. Don't be rushed, and try to research as much as possible.

buying oem software

This website is to educate you to the dangers of having Lasik when you are not a proper candidate. Before you consider Lasik, you must be sure it can be done safely, and that you are a proper candidate. Many will view this site as anti-lasik, but the intent is to show what can (and HAS happened). The information is here, but it is still YOUR decision!

My name is Dom Morgan, and I tell my story because it may be useful to anyone considering Lasik. I went to a doctor who advertised that anyone who was nearsighted, farsighted, or had astigmatism could be done safely...that's almost everybody! I trusted these doctors, and now I'm legally blind.

My websites contain material which some people do not want you to see. I know that Drs. Herbert Nevyas and Anita Nevyas-Wallace, the doctors who damaged my eyes do not, because they sued to shut down my website. The documents on this site are vast and (I believe) irrefutable however, I ask that you come to your own conclusions regarding LASIK.

Please be safe - your eyes are too important to risk to just anybody.

The Right To Free Speech
When I first started warning others of the potential risks of LASIK surgery, I could not name Drs. Herbert Nevyas and Anita Nevyas-Wallace (the doctors who damaged my eyes) due to litigation (medical malpractice).

After my med mal lawsuit, I added the doctors’ names because I believed then (and still do) that as a matter of public safety, they should be named. Their investigational study, as proven by the information (documents) posted resulted in numerous lawsuits. I posted all of the information I could get.

The doctors did not like this, and filed a defamation lawsuit against me. In the course of the 2 years it took for this case to appear before a judge at trial, my website was shut down 3 times, through intimidation and threats of lawsuits against my web hosting companies. On the second attempt, even after a temporary restraining order was denied twice by the courts, my site was shut down due to phone calls and a letter from the doctors’ attorney.

In July 2005, I was ordered by the court to remove the doctors’ names from my website. I appealed the court's decision.

Were My Rights Being Violated?

In the Nevyas Eye Associates section of this site, I believe the documents posted support all my claims against Drs. Herbert Nevyas and Anita Nevyas-Wallace (Nevyas Eye Associates). The Nevyases have fought hard to keep these documents from the public eye.



Public Citizen
Public Citizen felt so strongly about my rights being violated, that they appealed on my behalf, pro bono (without charge to me). The ACLU also took interest (they helped me obtain local counsel for my appeal).

From their website:

Public Citizen Litigation Group is the litigating arm of Public Citizen. The Group specializes in cases involving health and safety regulation, consumer rights,  access to the courtsopen government, and the First Amendment, including internet free speech

Because Public Citizen does not accept funds from corporations, professional associations or government agencies, we can remain independent and follow the truth wherever it may lead. But that means we depend on the generosity of concerned citizens like you for the resources to fight on behalf of the public interest.

Public Citizen has done an exceptional job in providing representation for not only my rights, but those of many others.  Please consider donating to help them continue protecting the rights of Americans. The donations ARE tax deductible.



Share Your Story publishes letters from people who write in.

Are you a patient who has something you want the public to know, but aren't tech saavy, or otherwise can't afford to hire a web designer to create an attractive site for you?

Are you currently involved in litigation and want to say something without your identity becoming publically known?

Are you so visually damaged you feel you have to warn the public because your conscience compels you to do so?

Are you a doctor who can't speak out because of fear of professional retaliation?

If you have something you would like published, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or use my contact form.


LASIK: Another Insider’s Experience…

Name Witheld By Request 

Dear Dom,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I am a laser tech. I have been for a number of years, and have assisted in over 30,000 procedures with over 20 different surgeons. I have seen it all...



A VERY Interesting Article:

Refractive Surgery – A Ten Year Learning Curve

“Ten years on, LASIK appears to have lived up to its promise, although not for the high refractive errors that had originally been proposed.”


“In the case of LASIK, patient outcomes showed that visual outcomes became more unpredictable and unstable as refractive error increased.”


Read The Full Story


Public Legal Documents, Refractive Surgeons, Practices, and Corporations



Douglas R. Lazarro, Lazarro Eye Center, L.L.P. Dr. Thomas Tooma
Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) (Intralase, VISX) - Information & Recalls Dr. Robert Maloney
Alcon Manufacturers/Alcon Laboratories (Summit Autonomous) - Information & Recalls Dr. Eric R. Mandel
Dr. R. David Allara - Surrenders license due to illicit use of drugs. Dr. Michael Mockovak - Plotted to kill partner & former Brother-in-law
Bausch & Lomb - Information & Recalls Drs. Herbert Nevyas & Anita Nevyas-Wallace - The doctors who
Dr. William Boothe - Uses spammer to harass website owner...    damaged my eyes and their continued efforts to silence me!
Dr. Nicholas Caro - OVER 50 Lawsuits (and counting)! Nidek - Class Action Lawsuit filed
Drs. Dello Russo Dr. Stephen OrlinDr. Orlin testified as an Expert Witness (for the
Dr. Eric Donnenfeld    Nevyases) in several lawsuits filed against the Nevyases
Dr. Glenn Kawesch - My condolences. However, these lawsuits still happened. Dr. Mark G. Speaker - Loses to $7.25 Mil Award!
Laservue Class Action.pdf Staar Surgical
LCA Vision (LASIK Vision Institute (LVI) / LASIK Plus)

Current Adverse Event Reporting Listing Includes Lasers by Manufacturers Listed Above

The FDA and Lasers

Some Lasers Just Don't Cut It... The FDA has been very 'choosy' as to what actions they took against SOME in the LASIK industry regarding 'Black Box' Lasers.

Debris After LASIK

LASIK Blade Leaves Metal Under Flap Some patients have reported large chunks of metal in their corneas after lasik.

Flap disintegrates during lifting

Seemingly Harmless, And Yet... Others have reported the LASIK flap lost, missing (found on the floor), or stuck to the microkeratome blade.
Read the FDA section for more...
Read more on flap articles/studies...
Read the Studies section for more...